Welcome.  I’m Wendy Wong. I am humbled by these two signs in my garden:  Wong Way, and I Have Arrived.  The journey is just beginning, because I am a seeker, learning to pay attention to all the many ways that the universe chooses to speak to me. Perhaps by reading my books, you will listen more closely to the messages you are supposed to receive. 

I’ve known since I was a child that I was born to be a writer.  Through most of my adult life, I was a closet writer until a major crisis opened my eyes and forced me to come out of the closet.  It made me recognize that my mission is to heal through the pen.  The act of writing heals me.  The act of publishing is meant to heal the world.

I am the mother of two (now grown) kids.  I have been married to their dad for 27 years. I am the daughter and caregiver to a sweet woman living with dementia.  I am also a Chief Marketing Officer, a creative leader of others.  In my personal and professional life, I strive to be a steward of the families, circles, and souls that I have been gifted to know.

I met my husband when I was a freshman at Cornell. We married after he finished medical school at Stanford, and after I had studied abroad in Switzerland, then started a master's in literature at UCLA.  After working for several years in book publishing, I decided to get my MBA. My husband decided he wanted to get an MBA too.  We went to business school together at UC Berkeley.   

I grew up straddling two cultures:  The awkward, unassimilated Chinese immigrant family at home, struggling financially in a white suburban neighborhood, and struggling emotionally without awareness of its dysfunctions.  And the predominantly white, middle-America that is the stage for my external achievements.  As an Asian-American, I didn’t always feel so lucky to be living in the hyphen, but that was because I allowed myself to be constrained by the symbolism of punctuation, until I changed how I define myself to (Asian-American).  The parenthesis began to matter more than the hyphen.  When my kids were barely five and two, I declared our family a transition family.  Our job was to redefine what we mean by an (Asian-)American family.  Our transition was also away from the stuff that didn't work from the our own upbringing.

Now that my kids are grown -- one graduated with a master's from Stanford, and the other is at NYU -- I can focus on my own life dreams, which is to write and to publish.  You could say, Wong Way has found her way.  I have arrived at a place in my own spiritual journey where I have made important discoveries.  I suffered maybe a little more than I needed to, so I hope for others to suffer less.  Because I learned some unusual coping techniques and uncovered some hidden wisdom, I am charged with the mission to heal through the pen.  When people ask me, "How did you do it all?" referring to my busy professional life and raising two kids while caring for my elderly mom, I can now say, read Dual.  When people exclaim, "You're glowing with health!  What are you doing?"  I can now say, read The Big See. 

I am constantly opening my mind to the greater depths of magic, mystery and wonder of the universe.  And each day, I am moved by its wisdom.